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Dutch Order for Professional Coaches

As NOBCO EIA practitioner I adhere to the code of ethics code and complaints regulations of the NOBCO. The NOBCO is affiliated with EMCC: European  Mentoring  and  Coaching  Counseling

Foundation For Professional Association physically orientated (Psycho)therapy

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Register Dome Professionals Complementary Care (RBCZ)

As a body-oriented analytical therapist, I adhere to the ethics code and complaints regulations of the SBLP and the RBCZ disciplinary law.

Coaching course consists of:

  • An intake resulting in a quote with clear goals and a number of appointments.
  • Mid-term evaluation and final evaluation.
  • Action planning after each meeting.
  • Integrating your new insights and strategies in your daily life and work environment.
  • Preparation assignments, reflection reports, feedback from colleagues managers and other techniques where appropriate.
  • Possibility to combine live and online routes

Therapy course:

Initially, we start with an intake interview in which we clarify your situation. If this is what you are looking for then we will start working on a series of five appointments focused on the agreed points of interest. The fifth appointment contains an evaluation moment. You may need a follow-up after the five appointments. We discuss this, including the aims and ambitions, for the follow-up process. The duration of the entire process/treatment/ can vary between three months and a year, depending on the clients’ issues, desires and aspirations.

Online consultation are possibel:

This takes place via a professional version of Zoomand. You will receive an invitation with a link in your e-mail. All you have to do is click on this. Call meetings are reimbursed by the health insurers.

Coaching and therapy are given based on confidentiality. Reporting to third parties takes place only after the consent of the client himself.

The cost to individuals is € 93.00 per 1-hour meeting. If you start a journey, the intake interview costs will be €100.00. If you decide not to finish the journey after the intake interview, no charge will be made.

In coaching and reintegration processes, employers often reimburse the costs incurred. This is subject to a separate employer rate. After the exploratory interview, a quote is prepared for the employer. If you decide to continue after the exploratory interview, this conversation will be charged for. If you don't go ahead, there's no charge for this consultation.

Supplementary insurance fees:
Several insurers partially reimburse the costs through complementary care under complementary psychosocial therapy. (I am affiliated with professional association SBLP and umbrella RBCZ). This does NOT apply to your insurance excess. Look up the details in your policy to see what is covered. You can find the Circolore Practice under “Alternative Therapy (Psychosocial care).”

Here is a list of Dutch insurers which reimburse some of the costs in 2023. Also some international insures might reimburse some of the costs; check this out with your insurer.

From 25 May 2018, the GDPR (in Dutch: AVG), the new law on the protection of personal data, will be in force. This means, for newsletter readers, clients, employers and all who contact Circolore:

  • transparency about and the right to know what data we keep and use
  • the guarantee that your data is never shared with others for commercial purposes
  • the right to digital oblivion (the complete deletion of personal data)
  • proper protection of your personal data, for example, anonymized archiving of reports and the deletion of e-mails at the end of a consultation period. (The complete personal data protection protocol is available in Dutch.)

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